Project History

By Lex Li

Microsoft introduced Visual Studio Code on April 29, 2015, and later released it as an open source project 1 on November 18, 2015.

An issue was opened on Nov 18, 2015 2 to add reStructuredText support to Visual Studio Code. Lex Li responded to the issue and started to work on the initial version of this extension, with only syntax highlighting and code snippets ported from TextMate.

Inspired by the extension created by Thomas Townsend 3 , the live preview feature was added in release 0.0.7, and fully switched to Sphinx based preview engine in release 0.0.14.

Linter support was added in release 33.0.0, by reusing some code from Cody Hoover’s ruby-linter extension 4 . restructured-lint was chosen initially, and later doc8 support was added in release 53.0.0. Recently rstcheck has been chosen to replace doc8 in release 120.0.0.

Section builder was contributed by Adrien Di Mascio in release 44.0.0 5 .

A language server project was started recently 6 to enable IntelliSense. IntelliSense was included in release 47.0.0, and was disabled by default.

Tormod Landet introduced many important pieces in June/July 2018, which boost productivity and simplified user experience 7 . The changes were shipped in release 67.0.0 and above.

noisnemid added initial outline support 8 in release 118.0.0.

There are other contributors helping out with bug reports and pull requests.