reStructuredText Extension for Visual Studio Code

This extension enables reStructuredText related features in Visual Studio Code,

  • Syntax Highlighting

  • Code Snippets

  • Live Preview

  • Section Builder

  • Linter

  • IntelliSense


Getting Started

Install it from Visual Studio Code Marketplace .

  1. Upgrade to Visual Studio Code 1.20.0 or above.

  2. Switch to the Extensions view by clicking the fifth icon in the left most bar.

  3. Type “restructuredtext” in the search box and hit Enter key.

  4. Click “Install” button to install “reStructuredText” extension.

You can go through the follow articles to better understand the various features,

Frequent Asked Questions can be found here.


This extension is licensed under the MIT License.

Please see Third Party Licensing for details on the third-party files that we include with releases of this project.



The linter support is based on Cody Hoover’s ruby-linter.

Live Preview

The initial idea was brought from Thomas Haakon Townsend’s ReStructured Text Previewer, but soon after moving fully to Sphinx, this extension becomes its own beast.


The IntelliSense support is provided by the new reStructuredText Language Server.